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Smart Drinks & Nutrition offers its franchisees the chance to leverage its time-tested business model with either: Via a Mobile Food Franchise that offers Smart Fruit Smoothies and Gourmet Coffees at repeat, predetermined high-traffic locations.


A unique Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Retail Franchise Opportunity that combines our proprietary and delicious blends of Smart Fruit Smoothies and Veggie Juices, with the sale of Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements.


Smart Drinks Mobile Unit - Initial Investment
Description Low High
Franchise Fees** 45,000 45,000
Vehicle Purchase* 48,000 56,000
Vehicle Retrofit(By Franchisor)* 74,900 74,900
License, Permits, Fees, Insurance 2,650 6,100
Travel/ Living Expenses while Training (Per Participant) 0 4,000
Additional Funds 3,000 10,000
Estimated initial Investment $173,550 $196,000


Smart Drinks & Nutrition Store Initial Invesment*
Description Low High
Franchise Fees** 45,000 45,000
Lease Leasehold Improvement & Signage 14,600 37,000
License, Permits, Fees, Insurance 2,900 23,600
Computer, Equipment, and Supplies 12,200 32,000
Initial Inventory 20,000 70,000
Grand Opening Advertising 5,000 5,000
Additional Marketing Funds - 3 Months 900 900
Travel/Living Expenses While Training 0 4,000
Additional Funds - 3 Months 10,000 35,000
Estimated initial Investment $110,600 $252,500

Franchised Units: 2

Owned Units: 3

New Units: 5

Year Established: 2003

First Year Franchised: 2014

Mercedes Finance available for some candidates for Mobile unit: 100% for the Van and 50% for retrofit build out

Ideal Candidate: Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and a Passion for Leading an Active, Healthy Lifestyle. Be self-motivated with the ability to lead a team yet show they can follow our proven operational systems. Be interested in working in and contributing to their local community. Show a strong belief in the Smart Drinks & Nutrition product offerings Have an outgoing personality with a passion to create positively memorable experiences for those who come into contact with Smart Drinks & Nutrition.

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