Why Smart Drinks and Nutrition®

With twenty-two years of experience in the industry, Smart Drinks and Nutrition® has gained invaluable insights into what works and what doesn't in both the Smoothie and Nutrition sectors. This extensive time in the business has allowed us to combine these two models into a unique and profitable offering. Smart Drinks and Nutrition® has dedicated this duration to developing a system that delivers the exceptional experience customer's desire.

We have perfected the recipes for fruit smoothies, blended coffee, and veggie juices, ensuring that our offerings meet and exceed customer expectations. We understand that it's often the little details that create loyal and repeat customers, and we are committed to sharing these secrets with our franchisees. The knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years will be passed on to our franchise partners, empowering them to provide the same outstanding experience that has set Smart Drinks and Nutrition® apart.

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Brand Recognition

For over 21 years, the Smart Drinks and Nutrition® logo has been synonymous with the freshest and most delicious fruit smoothies in Houston. Whether it's been at NRG stadium for various events, local fun runs, community fundraisers, or our retail establishments, the people of Houston have relied on us for their favorite smoothie. Our logo and trademark represent 5-star reviews because when customers see Smart Drinks and Nutrition® , they can expect nothing but the best.

Our commitment to excellence means they'll receive the freshest and healthiest fruit smoothie and veggie juice options available, along with gourmet blended coffee and real hot chocolate made with their choice of milks. We provide sugar and lactose-free options to cater to everyone's needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff genuinely cares about each customer's health concerns, creating an inclusive atmosphere that caters to a diverse range of individuals, from gym-goers to expectant mothers and their children. Additionally, we offer a selection of the industry's top nutritional supplement brands and proudly partner with Bluebonnet Nutrition.

What customers won't find at Smart Drinks and Nutrition® is an impersonal experience. We never use powders, syrups, concentrates, or pre-mixtures infused with just a hint of fruit. Instead, we prioritize using real ingredients. Our supplements are free from fillers and synthetic vitamins, ensuring our customers receive only the best. At Smart Drinks and Nutrition®, we believe in giving our customers choices, so they'll never be limited in their options.


Proven Operating

With two decades of experience in the Smoothie & Nutrition industries, Smart Drinks and Nutrition® has gained invaluable knowledge about what works and what doesn't. This extensive time in business has allowed us to merge these two business models into a successful and enjoyable venture. At Smart Drinks and Nutrition® , we have utilized this period to refine our systems, ensuring that customers have a fantastic experience with us.

Our fruit smoothies, blended coffees, and veggie juices have been perfected over time, satisfying the cravings of our loyal customers. We understand that it's the little details that keep people coming back, and we are committed to sharing these secrets with our franchisees. Join us and be part of a thriving business that knows what it takes to create a memorable and successful customer journey.


Comprehensive Training

At Smart Drinks and Nutrition® , we understand the importance of providing our franchisees with the tools they need to succeed. That's why we have invested significant resources in developing a detailed and comprehensive operations manual. This document serves as a valuable reference, containing scripts, training procedures, and marketing processes. With this manual at their fingertips, franchisees will always have access to essential information to guide them through their business operations.

As a franchisee, your training will occur concurrently with the construction and setup of your venue, whether it's a retail location or a mobile unit. Our experienced Smart Drinks and Nutrition® employees will be by your side every step of the way. From our corporate headquarters in Houston to virtual assistance and on-site support in your area, we are committed to helping you build a successful business launch. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and resources to establish a thriving venture that is both easy to maintain and primed for growth.


Marketing Support

A successful marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of initiatives, and at Smart Drinks and Nutrition® , we understand the importance of a comprehensive approach. To begin, we prioritize training franchisees and their employees in the Smart Drinks and Nutrition® customer experience, laying the foundation for building a strong customer base. Our SMART Rewards program plays a crucial role in this process by helping franchisees cultivate a loyal customer following, which they can engage with through targeted events and promotions. We provide collateral materials that support franchisees in effectively showcasing their offerings in face-to-face interactions and through email marketing campaigns. Additionally, we have established partnerships with brand amplification programs to assist in local event marketing for our Mobile units. To enhance retail operations and sales, we collaborate with local food delivery services, ensuring convenient accessibility for customers.

Our SMART App further enhances the customer experience by allowing them to easily find, order, and pay for their drinks while on the go. Embracing the latest technologies, we actively engage with the marketplace to increase our visibility and remain relevant to both new and existing customers. With a stellar reputation on social media platforms such as YELP® , Google ® , and Facebook® , Smart Drinks and Nutrition® is proud to share that reputation with our franchisees, reinforcing their credibility and attracting customers.


Experienced Leadership

Smart Drinks & Nutrition® is led by its CEO and Founder, Charles Levinson, whose extensive expertise in sales management and financial operations has been instrumental in the company's success. With a background of over 18 years in the automotive sales industry and experience running his own automobile conversion company, Charles made the decision to combine his family's values with his knowledge of sales and health to establish Smart Drinks and Nutrition® as a leading real fruit smoothies and nutrition company in Houston, TX.

Since its inception in 2002, Charles has demonstrated his exceptional management skills by successfully overseeing 15 concessions inside Reliant Stadium and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, as well as the flagship store and the mobile units. Recognizing the importance of collaboration with franchisees, Charles actively encourages their input and ideas, leveraging his business acumen to ensure the continuous growth and relevance of the Smart Drinks and Nutrition®brand. To support this vision, Charles has built a dedicated franchise support team that shares his commitment to fostering relationships and providing mutual support within the system. Through this collaborative approach, Charles ensures that Smart Drinks and Nutrition® thrives as a brand built on strong foundations and continual innovation.


Site Selection Assistance

The selection of the right site is crucial for the success of both Smart Drinks & Nutrition® retail stores and mobile units. When it comes to retail stores, our ideal locations are bustling venues with high foot-traffic, particularly in family-friendly areas. Additionally, sites that offer drive- thru options are highly recommended, as they provide convenience and accessibility to customers on the go.

For our Smart Drinks Mobile Units, we understand the importance of creating a profitable route. We collaborate closely with franchisees to develop and optimize a route that maximizes sales and customer reach. This process is ongoing, as we continuously evaluate and adjust the route to ensure the business maintains its success and experiences steady growth.

By prioritizing site selection and working closely with our franchisees, we strive to establish Smart Drinks & Nutrition® as a thriving brand with strategically placed retail stores and mobile units that cater to the needs and preferences of our valued customers.


Modern Retail Store Design

At Smart Drinks & Nutrition® , we understand the importance of creating a visually appealing and functional environment for our retail establishments. We have collaborated closely with designers and engineers to develop a modern and easily maintained look and feel that will attract and engage our customers. Our focus on design encompasses various aspects, including seating arrangements that provide comfort and versatility, flexible retail areas that can be customized to showcase our range of supplements, ample storage space to ensure smooth operations, and a well-designed counter dedicated to serving our delicious fruit smoothies and veggie juices.

Additionally, we incorporate digital menu boards to enhance the customer experience and provide clear and dynamic communication of our offerings. By prioritizing thoughtful design and functionality, we aim to create inviting spaces that not only captivate our customers but also align with the overall brand image of Smart Drinks & Nutrition® .

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